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Video Search from Microsearch adds the power of precision search to your videos. Plus, viewers can clip and share important video clips, bringing new viewers directly to your site.

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Help your videos get found! Upgrade your videos with our SEO Boost service. Plus, protect your brand by keeping viewers on your site: host your entire searchable video collection on your own website.

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About Microsearch

Microsearch Corporation was founded in 1996 near Boston. We are a boutique search engine company, and provide private and secure video and document search engine services for client organizations across the country.

We index client video transcripts and documents into searchable digital databases, and host those databases online in public or private secure web portals.

A database portal may contain thousands of video transcripts or documents, together with all of the related metadata, all readily accessible on any internet connected device.

Each indexed database is hosted in a web portal; the web portal may be private and secure, or it may be open and public. Public libraries, for instance, use public web portals, while Research Associations generally have private, secure web portals. Each of our client web portals has been highly customized to give each client exactly the search and retrieval experience they desire.

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5 Broadway
Saugus, MA 01906

Phone: 1-800-895-0212
Fax US: (781) 231-9996


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